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Hair Extentions

Experience the luxury of hand-tied, keratin fusion, and tape-in extensions. Choose real human hair extensions for ultimate versatility – style and wash them like your own hair. Our high-quality clip-in extensions can last from 3-6 months or even longer with proper care. Elevate your look with Salon Blānc’s exceptional hair extensions expertise.

Almost always, there is 100% human hair that you can attach to your hair by either clips, glue, or weaving it in to make your hair look naturally long.

Extensions Removal
Consultation Required

At Salon Blanc, we offer comprehensive Hair Extensions services to cater to your needs. Whether you have Hot Fusion, Micro Links, or Tape In extensions, our expert stylists can safely and skillfully remove them, preserving them for future use if desired. If you wish to reinstall your extensions, we offer various methods such as Hot Fusion, Micro Links, or Tape In, ensuring a seamless and personalized result. Trust our professionals to handle your Hair Extensions with care and provide you with the desired look and style you desire.

Extensions Installation
Consultation Required

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Hair Extensions installation process. Our skilled stylists can quickly and seamlessly install the extensions, ensuring a flawless and natural look. However, it is recommended for guests to visit every six to eight weeks for the removal and reinstallation of the extensions. This maintenance allows us to maintain the integrity of your extensions and ensure they continue to look their best. Enjoy the flexibility and stunning results of our Hair Extensions services, designed to enhance your beauty effortlessly.

From Short to Luxuriously Long

At Salon Blanc, witness the remarkable transformation of your hair with our premium hair extension services. Say goodbye to short or lackluster locks and hello to luxuriously long and voluminous hair that enhances your natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are handtied extensions?

Experience the lightweight and damage-free beauty of Hand Tied wefts Hair Extensions at Salon Blanc. Our Hand Tied Wefts require no tape, glue, or heat for application, offering a seamless blend with your natural hair and texture. 

 Proper ways to maintain hand-tied extensions.

To maintain the extensions, we recommend moving them up every 8-10 weeks and reinstalling them between 6-9 weeks. With proper care and minimal heat exposure, Hand Tied Extensions can last up to one year, providing long-lasting beauty and versatility.

    How to properly care for your hair while sleeping is just as important. 

    Proper care for your hair while sleeping is essential. Secure your hair in a braid/plait before bed to prevent the extensions from tangling and damaging the bonds. Wash your hair 1 to 2 times a week using our recommended products, avoiding saltwater if possible. Ensure that your hair is 100% dry before sleeping and gently brush it after washing.

    Do Hand tied extensions damage your hair?

    Rest assured that Hand Tied Extensions are damage-free and ideal for those with minor breakage. These thin and lightweight wefts are hand-sewn, offering a gentle and lightweight option for your hair. Trust Salon Blanc to provide you with exceptional Hand Tied Extensions that enhance your beauty without causing harm to your hair.


    What are keratin fusion extensions?

    Achieve natural-looking, long hair with our Fusion Extensions at Salon Blanc. Designed for all hair types, these extensions are tipped with non-damaging Keratin glue. Using a Fusion wand, the extensions are applied by sectioning your hair and melting the glue upon contact.

    With proper care, Keratin fusion hair extensions can last up to 3-5 months, making them a low-maintenance choice compared to tape-in extensions. However, we do not recommend Keratin fusion extensions for thin or damaged hair.

    To protect your extensions while sleeping, it’s best to braid your hair or put it into a ponytail. Additionally, we highly advise against swimming in salt water or chlorine water, as it can be damaging to the extensions.

    Choose Salon Blanc for high-quality Fusion Extensions that provide natural-looking results and long-lasting beauty. Our experienced stylists will ensure that you receive the best extension application tailored to your hair type and desired look.

    Flat-tip | I-tip | Micro-lock Extensions

    At Salon Blanc, we offer Flat-tip/I-tip/Micro-lock extensions, a heat and adhesive-free method for achieving beautiful, long hair.

    Key features of these extensions include:

    1. Reusability: The hair strands used in these extensions are reusable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of long hair for multiple applications.
    2. Quick Fixing and Moving: Our seasoned extension specialists can quickly fix or move up these extensions, ensuring your hair always looks its best. Recommended maintenance intervals are typically 4-8 weeks.
    3. Time-Consuming Process: Due to the intricacy of the installation and removal process, the application of Flat-tip/I-tip/Micro-lock extensions can take 2-4 hours. Our skilled stylists will dedicate the necessary time to achieve flawless results.
    4. Potential for Tension-Related Discomfort: It’s important to note that the pulling or tension applied during the installation of these extensions may cause headaches in some individuals. Our experts take care to minimize any discomfort and ensure a comfortable experience.
    5. Not Suitable for Fine/Thin Hair: While these extensions work wonderfully for many hair types, they may not be the best option for individuals with fine or thin hair. Our stylists can recommend alternative methods that better suit your specific hair type.

    Experience the convenience and versatility of Flat-tip/I-tip/Micro-lock extensions at Salon Blanc. Our skilled professionals will guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve the desired length and volume while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural hair.

    Tape-In Extensions

    At Salon Blanc, we offer tape-in extensions, a popular and efficient method for achieving longer, fuller hair. Here are the key features and benefits of tape-in extensions:

    1. Speed and Efficiency: Tape-in extensions are the fastest extension method available, allowing for a quicker transformation and less time spent in the salon chair.
    2. Reduced Hair Stress: The wider panels of hair used in tape-in extensions distribute the weight and tension more evenly, causing less stress on your existing hair. This helps maintain the health and integrity of your natural hair.
    3. Reusability: Our tape-in extensions are designed to be reusable, giving you the flexibility to remove and reapply them as needed. This helps maximize the value and lifespan of your extensions.
    4. Longevity: With proper care and maintenance, tape-in extensions can typically be worn for 6-8 weeks before requiring reapplication. This provides a longer wearability period compared to some other extension methods.
    5. Seamless Blending: The thin panels of hair used in tape-in extensions naturally blend with your own hair, creating a seamless and natural look. They are virtually undetectable when properly applied.
    6. No Heat Required: Unlike some other extension methods, tape-in extensions do not require heat during application. This helps minimize the risk of heat damage to your hair.
    7. Comfort: Tape-in extensions are known for their comfort and lightweight feel. They are easy to wear and do not cause discomfort or tension on your scalp.
    8. Suitable for All Hair Types: Whether you have fine, medium, or thick hair, tape-in extensions are a great option. Our experienced stylists can customize the extensions to match your hair type and desired look.

    It’s important to note that oils or products should not be applied near the tape-in extension application points, as this can compromise the adhesive. During removal and reapplication, there may be some residual adhesive or slight stickiness, which can be addressed by our professionals.

    Experience the convenience and versatility of tape-in extensions at Salon Blanc. Our skilled stylists will guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve the desired length and volume while maintaining the health and beauty of your natural hair.

    Maintenance of hair extensions

    Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your extensions looking and feeling their best. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your extensions:

    1. Regular Washing: Wash your hair and extensions regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria and product residue. Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and avoid applying excessive pressure or rubbing on the extension bonds. Gently massage the scalp and the lengths of the hair to cleanse and nourish them.

    2. Dry Roots Before Bed: It’s important to go to bed with dry roots to prevent the bonds from becoming loose or slipping. If your hair is still damp, consider blow-drying it or using a dry shampoo to absorb any excess moisture.

    3. Sleep with a Protective Style: Before going to bed, loosely braid your hair or tie it in a low ponytail to minimize tangling and prevent the extensions from getting tangled or pulling on your natural hair. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase can also help reduce friction and maintain the integrity of your extensions.

    4. Use the Right Brush: Invest in a natural bristle brush or a looped brush specifically designed for extensions. These brushes are gentle on the hair and help prevent tugging or snagging, which can lead to breakage. Start brushing from the ends and work your way up, holding the roots to support the extensions.

    5. Provide Extra Moisture: Extensions don’t receive natural oils from our scalp, so it’s essential to give them some extra moisture. Apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to the lengths and ends of the extensions, avoiding the bond area. This helps keep the hair hydrated and prevents dryness or frizz.

    6. Schedule Regular Maintenance: To ensure the longevity and health of your extensions, make sure to schedule regular maintenance appointments and move-ups with your stylist. On average, extensions should be moved up every 6-8 weeks to maintain their proper position and prevent excessive tension on your natural hair.

    By following these maintenance tips and giving your extensions the care they need, you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results while keeping your natural hair healthy. At Salon Blanc, our stylists can provide you with further guidance on maintaining and caring for your extensions, ensuring they stay in optimal condition.


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